System Engineering

Systems Engineering has been employed for decades as a contractual discipline established between governments and industry to assure the desired quality and owned value for green energycomplex products and services following conceptualization, development, test and delivery.  Metrics are essential in determining the success of Systems Engineering (SE) projects and one of the earliest and most recognized is “System Life Cycle Cost”.  Such a metric can be computed incrementally as the SE project progresses to delivery, with mid-course corrections made to defend the desired system’s economic performance.

Better Energy LLC endeavors to make available as open source information any findings from employing SE for climate solutions, including analysis and design, to identify near-term renewable energy solutions that are economically sustainable while still more beneficial to the natural environment than those now established as infrastructure. Participation from SE  practitioners to achieve such solutions is strongly invited.  Effective solutions necessarily require economic leverage in combination with mastery of core technology, a skillset which is unique to the SE community.

Standards for SE have evolved over many decades to include similar software engineering practices. An excellent compendium of source material addressing many aspects of Systems Engineering principles, issues, and promising concepts is found at Systems Concepts.

Sustainable and workable climate solutions require the strong nexus of sociology and hard sciences in the form of sound economics and fully-precedented Systems Engineering.  Its time to grow this mix for real.