Householder Legislation



hile waiting for Government, Business and Industry to consider the costs and benefits of possible climate solutions, householders can take decisions that are beneficial and can add up to an effective solution when implemented on a large scale.

Current Federal legislation provides for tax relief when purchasing clean energy electric vehicles. Washington and other states also provide tax relief for such purchases. Washington offers energy feed-in tariff incentives for homeowner investing in photovoltaic rooftop panels.

Industries and businesses benefit from tax depreciation for clean transportation investments as well as clean energy technology development and generation costs. When householders are offered the same cost depreciation write-offs, which are currently precluded by tax law, the seemingly slow progress in the growth of the electric vehicle fleet and distributed energy investments will be corrected. Until homeowners are treated on par with industry under these terms, we must continue to wait for solutions from business and industry at a slow pace while there is still no turnaround in measurable climate trend data.  Anyone expecting an overnight climate solution from a “big bang” breakthrough is primed for disappointment.