Fotolia_32292396_Subscription_Monthly_XLGoals of better energy LLC

Engineering options have always been regarded as useful to businesses, corporations, municipalities, governments and investors in serving society while they set and achieve economic objectives. It is a principal goal of “better energy LLC” to offer factual, independently verifiable data and engineering options that point the way towards a more sustainable economy and a more vital natural environment.

A secondary goal is to participate in technical dialogue between engineers and economists who wish to inform legislators and governmental leaders regarding achievable options available for a brighter future.

When successful, “better-energy-LLC.com” will become recognized as a credible, reliable reference desk for posting and accessing viable and economically actionable engineering options for adoption by resourceful decision makers wishing to establish a sustainable renewable energy infrastructure.

Options found to be viable in Western Washington with its low energy costs (which reduces the market value of local renewable energy) and cloudy climate are likely more affordable when considered for all other States with the exception of Alaska.