Energy Policy

Washington Energy Strategy

State legislation mandates that the Washington State Energy Strategy must attain 3 goals:

  • Maintain competitive energy prices that are fair and reasonable for consumers and businesses as well as support our state’s continued economic success.
  • Increase competitiveness by fostering a clean energy economy and jobs through business and workforce development.
  • Meet the state’s obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In December 2010 the current Washington State Energy Strategy was issued, but does not acknowledge Smart grid concepts. This and other key WA Department of Commerce publications are available online: WA Dept of Commerce

While waiting for Government, Business and Industry to consider the costs and benefits of possible climate solutions, householders can take decisions that are beneficial and can add up to an effective solution when implemented on a large scale.

Federal Energy Policy

Without a national energy policy, clean renewable energy awaits fair and even parity with fossil drill-and-burn fuels:

  • all Federal energy subsidies divided equally 50-50 between renewable energy and carbon-based energy sources.

DOE State Energy Program: Energy Program

Washington Energy Policy

The market for energy is created between supply (generators) and demand (paying customers). Influencing customers to reduce demand during peak usage times and to increase demand during times of minimum usage (the demand response strategy) can cut the municipalities’ and utilities’ cost for expensive new generation. Combining renewable energy efficiencies with innovative “smart grid” technology offers a better energy solution.

The Department of Commerce is actively supporting the commercialization of grid-enabled vehicles through the development of public programs and engaging with partners across the state. State Energy Program

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