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Sustainable Solutions

You don’t find sustainable solutions very often:   better energy LLC posts solutions that you can verify independently, to confirm for yourself that our solutions simultaneously conserve the environment, answer a social need, and cost less than other readily available options.  We know we are not the only ones taking on this timely work.   We regard the successful efforts of others as crucial contributions toward establishing sustainable products and services needed for a more sustainable economy.  Access these efforts from the following list of better energy links.

Google looks at reversing climate change

An attempt by Google researchers to identify an alternative fuel for coal fired power plants has disclosed the bitter economic reality that none of the current energy generation technologies can hope to overcome.  Somehow they missed “Polluters Pay” and “National Carbon Standard” as the next options needed.  Even so, the excellent graphics are very telling, and the conclusions that speak to the difficulty of identifying affordable alternatives seem accurate though unsettling.

Google’s Reality Check

Climate Solutions successfully deployed on a local scale

King County Seattle Metro Transit

Richland WA Ben Franklin Transit ; Bus Tour with Jay Leno

Visualize Climate Risk 

Global Risk and Opportunity Indicator – Temperature effects for various CO2 concentrations

Resources for a Sustainable Economy

David McKay, Cambridge – Sustainable Energy

Invest Solar – Building Financial Opportunity from Clean Energy

OnGrid Solar – Economic and Financial Publications, Papers, Presentations

Portland State University – Applied Solutions for Community

Washington State University – Science in Action to Improve the Sustainability of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food Systems

University of Washington – Sustainability of the Earth

Cornell Sustainability – Research Links

Engineers for a Sustainable World – To forge innovative, lasting solutions to local and global sustainability challenges.

NREL – Electric Vehicle Grid Integration Project

EV Grid, Inc – Integrating the power grid with the electric vehicle






Climate Science

University of Chicago – The Science of Climate Change (October 2013)


Corporate Business Performance

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board


Other Points of View

To honor writers who offer insights that differ from the Better Energy LLC editorial vision, that are perhaps contrary but still thought-worthy, we post links to content that represents openly diverse conclusions.   This is an attempt to be open minded while also maintaining a strong focus on our fact-based, ideally apolitical content.

The IEEE features selective criticism of factory shortcomings attributed to EV production:  IEEE Spectrum June 2013

Rebuttals to IEEE Spectrum feature article: IEEE Members

Hard science with reasoned conclusions: The Energy Advocate

Climate Science discrepancy:  Temperature QuirksGlobal Warming Hiatus